A Letter From Our President

 Paula Carlos, President of LEBA

Paula Carlos, President of LEBA

Welcome to LEBA!

My name is Paula Carlos, I am a senior and an Accounting Major. I am originally from Argentina but I also lived in Mexico, Venezuela and several cities in the U.S.

I joined LEBA because of the people here. When I got to UT I did not know anyone here. I happened to have a class with someone from LEBA who told me to go to the first general meeting. When I got there people came up to me and made me feel included. 

We are an organization with over 150 members. We are committed to helping latinos develop professionally and build a stronger community in Austin. LEBA has a lot of professional, social and community service events and every year we are adding new events! We are an organization that is growing tremendously so it is also open to any new ideas. 

We hope you join our family!