What has LEBA been up to?

As expected, it has certainly been a busy start of the semester for LEBA, but we could not be happier. With just one month and a half through school, LEBA has hosted an unforgettable Freshman and Transfer info session, two general meetings, one social event, one special fundraising event, and most importantly we have opened the doors of our family to many new friends from all over the world. I will summarize these events below for you - student, recruiter, company, or faculty - that want to know more about LEBA and the values we are committed to.

  • Freshman and Transfer Info Session

On September 5th, 2017, we invited an inspirational and successful person, who we are lucky to call our friend, Mr. Roy Terracina, to talk to more than 50 freshmen and transfer students, about his experience as an almost high school drop out to having a successful career in the financial services and as an entrepreneur. Thanks to Roy and LEBA's officers, 90% of students who attended decided to join LEBA. 

  • First General Meeting - Accenture

For our first general meeting on September 13th, 2017, our president Paula Carlos invited Accenture to come and talk to us about how Accenture creates an impact in the business world and in every person that works with them. Paula is joining Accenture full-time in New York, and thanks to her, Accenture invited LEBA members to apply for their summer internship opportunities. 

  • LEBA at "Omni Fight Club"

What is better than hitting boxing bags, doing push-ups, and kicking heavy MMA bags, while listening to some Latin music surrounded by other 20 LEBA members? That's right, nothing! Thanks to officer Sofia Carballar, Omni Fight Club gave LEBA a free Cardio Kick Box class because in LEBA we believe both mental and physical health are important. 

  • Meet the Officers Second General Meeting

LEBA believes that some of the most important resources we have and should take advantage of is ourselves. One can sometimes learn more from a person than from a book. With this general meeting we made sure our members knew that. In September 27th, 2017, we invited our members to talk to the officers about anything, from recruiting and interviewing advice, to how to deal with midterms pressure as a freshman. Everyone at LEBA is an open book, ready to learn and to teach, and with this meeting, we proved that. 

  • Fundraising Partnering with START

After the horrific earthquake Mexico City suffered in September 19th, 2017, LEBA partnered with START, another amazing UT student organization, and started a fundraiser to help the affected families in Mexico City. We raised $2,000 which was all donated for this cause. If we were not able to help them rescuing people, we will help them reconstructing their city. 

Many laughs, events, and learning experiences are coming, so please stay tuned and thank you for joining LEBA. And finally, Hook 'em Horns!

Guillermo Avila - LEBA Professional Events Officer