Facebook at LEBA

Our heart is filled with joy when recruiters leave our general meetings with high expectations of our members and a smile on their face. On Tuesday October 24th, this happened with Krista Rae Szaflarski, a Facebook recruiter for the Austin and Chicago offices. The meeting started with an ecstatic and interesting presentation by Krista, where she described the prominent tech company's purpose, evolution, work culture, and recruiting process. 

Krista's presentation was dynamic, fun, and there was not a single moment where LEBA members were not engaged. Then we had a chance to hear the person we owe this meeting to, LEBA member Sofia Figueroa. Sofia described to her fellow LEBA members how the life of a Facebook intern is like during the summer, since she completed her internship with Facebook in their Austin office in the Global Marketing Solutions group. After hearing Sofia's experience, Krista had scheduled 15 minutes for Q&A, but as Krista expected, our members were so interested and full of questions that she gladly accepted to stay after the meeting for more than an hour. 

In the last blog post I promised that more laughs and learning experiences were coming, and Krista confirmed this. Krista agreed to create a separate resume pool for all LEBA members that were interested in applying to Facebook internships or full-time positions in all areas, and to review them with deep care. Being a member gives you professional exposure and opens the doors to new opportunities, so I encourage you, LEBA member, to take advantage and be ready for the next meeting. Thank you Krista for an awesome meeting, thank you Sofia for telling us your experience, and thank you members for attending the meeting, and as always - Hook 'em Horns!

Guillermo Avila - LEBA Professional Events Coordinator